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I'm Ben Dukes...

I create characters. 

Whether I'm handed their bones in a script and then bring them to life on screen, stand in front of a microphone and shape my voice to call them into existence, or put my fingers to the keyboard and pull them from my imagination, I get to create characters for a living.  I think that fact will always amaze me.

I am fortunate to be able to do what I do, and there isn't a day that I don't feel blessed to be in this business.  

On Screen
On the Air
On the Page

Being a 6'3 Actor in Los Angeles can make one feel like a nameless and faceless giant - but it can create some amazing opportunities.  I am not often cast as "unassuming friend" - but as characters who make immediate impact.  Let's be honest... you don't miss Kratos when we walks into a room. Whether I'm there to terrify or to delight, I revel in bringing my near boundless imagination to bear on the characters in my charge!  

Lending my voice to tell a story in the listener's imagination is great fun.  Perhaps it's through my music, perhaps it's through book narration, or voiceover work.  Whichever way it comes, I delight in the playground that is the vocal booth.  In that world, I get to experiment, to try out variations of expression that often aren't available in live or on-screen performance.  The ability to transform into ANY character is possible in this world, and I take every opportunity to do just that!

There is no more free form of expression, in my mind, than that of writing.  I've been published as a poet and columnist, had scripts turned into narratives and documentaries, and am an award-nominated songwriter. In addition, I wrote the YouTube sketches I have on the page (with the exception of some credited interpretations of Monty Python's work).  Creating through writing has been a lifelong endeavor.  I am currently developing an action-comedy script, and welcome other opportunities!

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